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Games Client

Client games require you to download the whole game from the internet, and usually registering for an online account. Running the game connects you to other players playing the same game online. Because you have downloaded the whole game onto your computer, it uses little internet bandwidth and downloads very little, when compared to an online multiplayer Flash Browser game such as AdventureQuest Worlds which has to download graphics when you enter a new area.

Atlantica Online
_About Atlantica Online
_Wikipedia: Atlantica Online
-Atlantica Online is around 2.40GB to download.
-Atlantica is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that sets players out on a globe-hopping adventure in search of the lost continent of Atlantis. Combining classic turn-based gameplay with a strategic RPG environment, where players can assemble a clan of mercenaries, Atlantica will provide gamers a wholly new online experience.
Atlantica Online Description:
-Developed by Ndoors Interactive for Windows.
-Atlantica Online is a new turn-based, strategy MMO where players begin a journey to find the relics of Atlantis and destroy them. As they explore more, they discover their own connection to the fallen city. Atlantica Online offers players turn-based combat, a mercenary system and city/country management systems.
-You will embark on an epic journey that will take you to mysterious and dangerous locations around the world, as well as through time and human history. You will enter countless battles against creatures of legend and lore, mutated and deadly due to the influence of Oriharukon. But you will have the help of mercenaries you meet along your way, facing enemies together.
-In battle, players can control up to nine characters, and form teams of three, bringing the total controllable characters to 27. The mercenary system introduces a element of RPGs, where players must manage multiple character’s development, skills and classes. Mercenaries can be obtained as infants, raised, married off to other mercenaries and even have their own children.
-The city/country management system takes strategy to the next level, by allowing players to control cities and wage war with one another once they become part of a guild. Once controlling a city, a player must plan their city’s culture, commerce and industry, even down to the correct placement of the buildings for maximum output.
-The Free Leagues allow players to hone their combat skills through continuous competition with other players at similar levels.
-There are eight competitions per day (every 3 hours) that last 90 minutes, and players can start registering 10 minutes before each competition begins, and still register up to 15 minutes before each competition ends. Each battle lasts 9 minutes.
-CPU: Pentium 4 1GHz or higher
-VGA: GeForce4 TI4200, 64MB or better (vertex pixel shading support required)
-Ram: 512MB or higher
-HDD: 5GB or more
-Directx: DirectX 9.0c or higher

Fly For Fun (FlyFF)
_About Fly For Fun (FlyFF)
-FlyFF is around 900MB to download.
Flyff: Fly For Fun Description:
-Developed by Gpotato for Windows.
-Flyff (Fly for Fun) is a popular free MMORPG with colorful graphics that obviously focuses on characters flying around. The game is now back in operation and has experienced a large traffic spike as a result of the long hiatus. To further bolster the community, there are more forums about the game now covering everything from Guilds and PVP to bragging about Player Rankings.
-Exciting ground and air based battles.
-A multitude of abilities, weapons, and high flying vehicles to suit one’s fancy.
-A multitude of job classes catering to many different playing styles.
-Highly customizable user avatars.
-A party system, unique to Flyff, that awards its members with distinct group based benefits.
-Weekly Guild Siege, pitting the best of the best against each other.
-Customizable Action Interface that allows the binding of multiple actions/attacks, etc. to a single key.
-Free market economy for users to host and create their own private shops.
-A tight-knit community with high levels of interactions from Flyff’s staff members.
-A Premium Shop that hosts a variety of items to enhance your gaming experience.
-Each class has a different skill set and two different 2nd job choices at level 60. Listed below are the 4 first classes and their 2nd class options:
-Acrobat - Acrobats are the ranged specialists of Flyff. The Acrobat can specialize in the use of either yo-yos (Jester) or the bow (Ranger.)
-Assist - As the name suggests, Assists support other players with buffs but also have powerful area of effect (AoE) spells. Assists can specialize into Bill Poster, a hybrid class that uses melee knuckle weapons or Ringmasters who are possess the most powerful buffs.
-Magician - Magicians are the spell casters of Flyff. They have very low HP but deal heavy damage. Magicians can specialize into Elementalists or Psykeepers.
-Mercenary - Mercenaries are the main melee class, the warriors of Flyff. The Mercenary can specialize into a defensive Knight who uses a sword and shield or into an offensive Blade who wields a weapon in each hand.
-OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
-CPU: Pentium-III 600MHz
-RAM: 256MB
-HDD: 2.0 GB
-Graphics Card: At least 64 MB
-DirectX: 9.0c

Maple Story
_About Maple Story
-Maple Story is around 1.8GB to download.
Maple Story Description:
Developed by Nexon for Windows.
MapleStory is a free-of-charge, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Although playing the game is free, character appearances and gameplay enhancements can be purchased from the “Cash Shop” using real money. MapleStory has a combined total of over 50 million subscriber accounts in all of its versions.
In the game, players travel the “Maple World”, defeating monsters and developing their characters’ skills and abilities as is typical in role-playing games. Players can interact with others in many ways, such as through chatting, trading, and playing minigames. Groups of players can band together in parties to hunt monsters and share the rewards. Players can also join a guild to interact more easily with each other.
There are four main continents common to all versions in the MapleStory world: Maple Island, Victoria Island, Ossyria and Masteria.
-Maple Island is where every new player begins the game. The beginner-friendly island features low leveled monsters and short tutorial quests to introduce players to different aspects of gameplay. Once a player leaves the island (requires 150 mesos or a recommandation letter), they are unable to return to it.
-Victoria Island is where players arrive after leaving Maple Island. The island has eight cities, and is where Beginners will upgrade to their first class.
-Ossyria is currently divided into seven distinct regions with varying environments: El Nath Mountains, Ludus Lake, Aqua Road, Minar Forest, Mu Lung Garden, Nihal Desert, Temple of Time and Ereb.
-Masteria is a new continent that is believed to be off the coast of Victoria Island. There are only three towns on this continent: New Leaf City, the Prendergast Mansion and Crimsonwood Keep.
Players can play various minigames, both solo and multi-player.
-Omok is the Korean cognate of the Japanese game “Gomoku,” akin to tic-tac-toe. To win, a player needs to place five pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.
-Match Cards, also known as “Concentration,” can be played with grids of 3×4, 4×5, and 5×6 cards. The facedown side of the cards contains images of various monsters, which players take turns matching.
-Gachapon is a vending machine, in which the player inserts a ticket bought from the Cash Shop and a random prize comes out.
-Rock, Paper, Scissors is based on the actual game, in which one plays against an NPC.
-Fishing King is currently available in TaiwanMS and ThailandMS. After the player completes a quest to obtain a diving suit, he or she is sent to a map to catch fish. The player may return to catch fish as many times as desired.
-The Fishing System is currently available in all versions except KoreaMS, GlobalMS and EuropeMS. Players can buy fishing equipment from the Cash Shop and talk to an NPC in various towns to go fishing.
-Intel Celeron 500 MHz CPU
-64 MB RAM
-750 MB hard disk space
-Direct3D support
-Internect conection

Pirate Galaxy
_Wikipedia: Pirate Galaxy
-Pirate Galaxy is around 20MB to download. Pirate Galaxy can also be played in your browser provided you have downloaded the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
Developed by Splitscreen Studios for internet browsers.
-Pirate Galaxy is a free to play, browser-based, massively multiplayer online game set in the distant future. There are two ways to play Pirate Galaxy: Either directly in your web browser or in a stand-alone game client.
-It is a dark age for humankind. The different species of the galaxy compete aggressively for Cryonite, the most valuable mineral in the known universe. The Mantis, a ruthless and powerful breed of space aliens, have gained supremacy over the cryonite-bearing planets. Aggressively defending their strongholds and trade routes, they have condemned all other civilizations of the galaxy to bottom feeding. Whoever controls the Cryonite, controls the galaxy!
-You take the role of a daring starship pilot, joining an organization of space pirates determined to take back from the Mantis what they have taken from you — the pride, the dignity, and the liberty of the human race!
- Superb 3D graphics
- Real-time space- and ground-based combat
- Straightforward and intuitive controls
- Exciting story and atmospheric music
- Huge game universe with dozens of planets and star systems
- Battle in conquest mode and conquer the galaxy!
- Face-off against other players and clans
- Play online and be part of a global community Free to play
- no installation fees, no subscription fees!
Surface Mode
-You start the game on the surface of Vega 2 and you should familiarise yourself with the gameplay there, as all the missions play out on planet surfaces. This is where combat occurs, missions are completed and energy as well as Cryonite can be collected.
Orbit Mode
-A planet’s orbit is somewhat similar to a building’s lobby. Here, you can examine and select missions or even prepare fleets for those missions. If you feel you need to take a break from fighting the Mantis, you can escape to orbit and recharge… until your next encounter…
Space Stations
-Space stations give you the opportunity to augment your ship with new equipment. Once you’ve obtained blueprints for the desired upgrade, space station technicians would be pleased to install it – in exchange for Cryonite crystals, of course.
-You can also purchase entirely new spacecraft, provided you have enough crystals. As different species own and operate the space stations, the craft designs and capabilities vary from station to station – keep an eye out for the best deals!
Star Map Mode:
-To leave the first planet’s orbit, you need to look at the star map. Here, you can see all the planets, moons and star gates (more on these later) in the current system.
-The route to all of these objects is ascertained by sending a probe – it will make its way to and back from the object, ensuring the route is free and safe. Once the probe returns, you can make your way to that object uninhibited.
Star Gates
-Once you’ve completed all necessary story missions in a system (marked yellow), you can use the star gates to move to the next star system.
Pirate Mode
-Pirate mode is Pirate Galaxy’s PvP (Player vs. Player) mode. When you have this mode enabled whilst on a planet surface, you can attack and be attacked by other pirates. If you successfully defeat another player in this mode you gain experience and have the chance of collecting blueprints for improvements to your ship. If you successfully shoot down a Mantis craft whilst in Pirate Mode, you receive 5% more experience points than you would have otherwise earnt.
-Pirate mode becomes available relatively early in the game – once you’ve reached level 6. Once at this level, a skull icon becomes visible at the top of the screen. Click on it and you’ll be away within seconds!
Conquest Mode:
-Priate Galaxy gives you the option to join fleets (similar to Guilds). As a member of a fleet, you can take part in interplanetary conquest – taking control of planets and all that comes with them.
-When a planet is available for conquest mode, competing fleets may conquer the planet by capturing – and holding – a number of strategic locations on the planet. The fleet that holds these points the longest has conquered the planet.
-A conquered planet brings the victorious fleet a bonus – equivalent to the Mantis’ Cyronite in that star system and a smaller amount in surrounding systems.
-Pirate Galaxy can either be played in the game client or even directly via your web browser, without the need to install any game client. The mouse and keyboard are used to control your spaceship, this combination makes space travel a piece of cake. Of course, it’s not just getting from point A to B – you’ll be able to fire ion cannons, run Cryonite accumulators, use speed boosters, protect yourself with shields and much, much more…
If you’re feeling meek, you can find many items just lying around on the planets of Pirate Galaxy, but if you’re in more of a fighting mood, you can obtain much of the following by destroying either Mantis or other player’s ships.
-Energy. Blue energy caplets are distributed randomly throughout the planets in the game. They’re needed to use practically every skill in the game, so keep yourself topped up. The maximum amount of energy you can store increases with rank.
-Cryonite Crystals. These are the green crystals sometimes left behind after shooting down Mantis ships. They form an in-game currency; you can exchange them for upgrades (when you have the necessary blueprints) at star bases.
-Blueprints. Blueprints are particularly useful – it’s always a good idea to pick them up if you see them, even though you can’t tell what they are for before you collect them. They can contain details for auto-repair systems, new weapons or even enhancements to your ship’s drive.
Retrieving items
-To obtain any of these items merely click on them, your ship will move within range and you can then click on the collector (or press 2). Do note – you’ll need to stay stationary for a few seconds before the item is safely in your hold.
-Internet connection and Java.

Talisman Online
_TO Forum
_Basic Operations
_Character Professions
_Talismans & Skills
-Talisman Online is around 300MB to download.
-Create up to a maximum of three characters per server.
-Five characters: Assassin, Fairy, Monk, Tamer, and Wizard.
-Most popular characters: Assassin, and Tamer. Around 50% of all TO players are Assassins.
-Talismans are weapons and have two different types for each class. Assistant Talismans give support skills to your character and have four different types for each class. You can only equip one Talisman and two Assistant Talismans on your character. Each Talisman skill can be upgraded up to five times. Each Assistant Talisman has a maximum of 10 points used to upgrade their respective skills. You may equip two of the same type of assistant talisman to be able to upgrade all of its skills. Talismans are class specific and can only be equipped by their respective classes.
-Pathfinding is one of the best features of the game. By clicking a link your character will automatically run to the location.
-A team can consist of up to five players. Quests labelled (elite) usually require a team to beat the boss. A high enough level character may be able to solo (elite) quests.
-Every guild can apply for their own own Guild Demesne or Headquarters. After joining a guild you can enter the HQ by going to 'Stone City' and talking to the 'Janitor of Guild Demesne'. The Guild Demesne or Headquarters contains guild quests, and only members of their respective guilds can enter their own Headquarters.
-The name of the area you are in is displayed in the upper right corner in either Green, Yellow, or Red. Red zones means anybody can Player Kill (PK) another player without any consequences. Green zones are safe areas where the players are penalized if they attack another player gaining a Yellow coloured character name after killing one player, and a Red name after killing two players. Red coloured players can be Player Killed (PK) even in Green Zones without any penalty to the attacker. Removing the penalized colours requires you to wait until your PK value in your Character screen goes down. Players with Red colour normally go to 'Stone City' then to the 'Blood Palace' to wait until their PK Value drops. A purple name means Self-Defense which is gained when your character is attacked in a Green zone and lasts for a short time. With a purple name you can attack without any penalty the player who attacked you. When A is in self-defense to B, A still has 2- minute self-defense duration after A is defeated B. Within the 2 minutes, if A defeats B, A will not have PK Value.
-Tamers can capture animal pets that are of the same or lower level than your character's level to accompany you in battles, but only if you have no current pet, or set your current pet free, or deposited your current pet into your warehouse. You can have up to three pets stored in your Warehouse.
-Tamer animal pets have exactly the same Defense and Hitpoints. They differ in the way the pet looks, and its one inherited skill. Here are the different inherited skills:
1) Frenzy: Increases your Tamer pet's attack. Example: Jackal Wolf near Sky Village.
2) Force Attack: Force the enemy to attack your Tamer pet. Recommended for beginners. Example: Little Tiger near Tiger Mountain.
3) Trace: Increases your pets movement speed by 30% for a very short time. I do not know of anyone who uses of this skill.
4) No Skill: Tamer pets with no skill at all do damage from a distance. Example: Jokul Snake which has the longest range.
-Tamer pets with the yellow word "PICKED" in front of their name can damage up to three enemies at one time. The animal's level ends with an 8.
18 - ?
28 - Golden Macaque ( running towards Happiness Hall (HH) you will see them with callet).
38 - Ore Giant ( Snow Rep area ). 38 - Ore Giant ( Snow Rep area ). See it when attempting the blue lvl 30 talisman quest.
48 - Wood Demon ( Vast Mountain ).
58 - Immortal Turtle ( Dais Area, near Star Town ) they hang out with the lvl 53 turtles.
-Tamer pet "Adept Flaming Lion" (level 65) at [1478, 1993]. It can attack max 3 targets at one time. Tamer can capture it as battle pet.
-Tamer pets get one Intimity point every hour after it is summoned. Intimity points grants increased Attack Damage and Damage Absorption.
-Tamer pets require 'Tamer Pet Food', which can be bought from the Blacksmith for 50 copper, which increases the pets Happy Value. If the Happy Value drops to zero you can only summon your pet for a short time then it vanishes and you have to resummon it again.
_Use all your talismans, and the joy of Spiny Crack by AnachroCat
I read the guide, and I want to give a big Thank You to the contributers! Reading it got me off on the right path. I want to add a couple insights about things that don't seem very popular, and actually make a world of difference for me.
I'm lvl 50 so far, and I use all 4 of my assistant talismans very effectively. The center talisman slot on your inventory screen has a unique function; it will toggle talismans if they are loaded into your quick bars or hot keys. (Just like your weapon talisman slot will toggle between 2 weapons) Though I think switching between the 3 hot key trays (shift+1, 2 or 3) is a nuisance, so here's what I do:
I take my assistant talismans out of their talisman slots and put them into my inventory. (Note: for set up, they don't drag and drop properly if they are loaded into their talisman slots while trying to fill the quick bar). I then load all my assistant talismans (drag and drop from inventory) AND their skills (can drag and drop from the skill screen) into my usually invisible quick bar right above the main hot key tray. Then I load 2 of my assistant talismans into the assist talisman slots, (next to my weapon talisman). Load your favorite or most necessary assistant talisman into slot 3 (the last slot), as you will not toggle this slot ever. The only thing to keep in mind, is that you want your 2nd favorite (of 4 possible assistant talismans) loaded into your center assistant talisman slot when you get into battle. You cannot toggle between talismans during battle, but toggling sure helps with pre-battle set up, which when loaded like I described takes all of maybe 5 seconds?
I myself toggle between Trap Meshwork, Nature Book and Jade Vessel. I keep Pet Bell loaded into talisman slot 3 (the slot that doesn't toggle), as I think 'Heal Pet' and 'Wild Pet' are the most crucial Tamer skills out of the 4 talismans. If I get jumped by a mob, I will always be able to heal my pet even if I didn't have time or forgot to toggle between talismans 2, 3 or 4. Before battle, I cast Wild Pet, and toggle to Nature Book and cast Brutal Fight and Stone Skin. Then I toggle to my Jade Vessel, and load my poison of choice (usually poison of attack), and finally load my Trap Meshwork and get down to business.
I also wanted to say I love Spiny crack (a Bow skill), as it's really saved my neck more than a few times, and also maximizes killing for fast grinding (when used with Fire Trap lvl 5, it's just wicked).
I hope some of this could be of help? I look forward to reading more of your already excellent guide as it is expanded.

_Tibia Manual
Tibia is one of the oldest and most successful massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) created in Europe. In an MMORPG people from all over the world meet on a virtual playground to explore areas, solve tricky riddles and undertake heroic exploits.
For more than 10 years now, players have been visiting the medieval world of Tibia. At present, more than 250,000 players from all over the world inhabit the Tibian continent enjoying the numerous game features.
Acting as knights, paladins, sorcerers or druids, players are faced with the challenge of developing the skills of their selected characters, exploring a large variety of areas and dangerous dungeons and interacting with other players on a social and diplomatic level. Besides the sophisticated chat tools it is especially the unique freedom players enjoy in Tibia, that create an enormously immersive gaming experience.
Why Play Tibia?
-Tibia is around 30MB to download.
-It's Free! No hidden costs, no limited trial phase! Just create an account and play Tibia for as long as you like!
-Fast and Easy Access! Even with a slow internet connection downloading the client is a matter of minutes!
-Four Character Vocations. Be a valorous knight, a nimble paladin, a mysterious druid or a mighty sorcerer!
-Customisable Outfit. Select from various outfits and give your character the looks of your choice!
-Character Skills. Beef up your hero! Characters have a variety of skills that will raise through training.
-Dozens of Spells. Fancy some magic? You can fry your enemies with a wide range of deadly spells!
-Unlimited Character Development. Characters can be improved on and on. There's just no limit!
-Massive Game World. Visit bustling cities, mysterious forests and dreary dungeons. The world of Tibia is huge, and it keeps on growing!
-Scores of Monsters. Countless fearsome creatures roam the land. Meet vicious orcs, mighty dragons or deadly demons!
-Hundreds of Items. Find hundreds of items. All items are unique and come with their own characteristics and graphics!
-Quests. Go on dangerous quests for fame and fortune. All players have equal chances to do quests!
-Monster Raids and Other Events. Special game events can happen anytime. There is nothing like a surprise attack on a city to make an adventurer's life exciting!
-Guilds. Players can team up in guilds. Join your friends in a powerful Tibia guild!
-Several Game Modes Available. Would you like to see more or less player killing? Choose a different game world to play the Tibia you like!
-Tibia Rules. A balanced set of rules ensures that Tibia does not sink into anarchy while giving great freedom to players.
-Tutor System. Our innovative tutor system will make sure there is always an experienced player to answer if you have a question!
-Automatic Control of Player Killing. A sophisticated automatic system makes sure player killing never gets out of hand!
-Massive Community. With more than 200,000 players, Tibia is one of the largest games of its kind. Meet people from all over the world!
-Forum. The Tibian community never sleeps. Exchange opinions with fellow Tibians on our forum!
-VIP List. A sophisticated contact list ensures that you will always know when your friends and enemies are online!
-Groundbreaking Chat Feature. Talk to many players at the same time using Tibia's easy-to-use chat feature. Chatting has never been so much fun!
-Low System Requirements. Don't worry if your system is a bit advanced in years. Tibia does not require cutting-edge hardware to run!
-Intuitive and Customisable User Interface. With context menus and tool tips assisting your every move, Tibia controls are intuitive and easy to learn.

TibiaME is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game for mobile phones. Come together with hundreds of players and experience adventures in a colourful virtual world! Along with your friends you explore the mysterious land of TibiaME, fight your way through hordes of evil creatures and solve ancient riddles to find untold treasures. With every monster you defeat you will grow in strength and power. TibiaME is based on the successful online role-playing game Tibia which attracts thousands of players every day.

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Games Browser Flash Account

Adventure Quest Worlds
__About AQW
__AQW Wikipedia
-Realtime multiplayer online flash game.
-The game is currently a fashion show where all the weapons are melee weapons, and elemental damage does not do anything extra. Armor has no effect except physical apperance.
-Class Armors level up as you fight up to level 10 and gain skills which you can use while wearing it.
-Character level cap is level 20.
-20 inventory slots which are easily filled up. You can increase the number of inventory slots to a maximum of 60 by buying Adventure coins. 200AC=1slot, 8000AC=40slots.
-20 friends slots. If either party deletes a person from their friends slot both parties will have their names erased from their friends slot.
-Keys: 1-5: Class Skills, R: retarget enemy, V: show health bars.

Adventure Quest
__About AQ
-Single player game.
-Five character slots.
-Eight inventory slots for each item.
-Lots of quests to complete where at the end you can buy a level dependent item. You can gain a pet and a temporary ally.
-The Truffle pet is recommended for low level players.
-Three of you make a team. Your character, your pet, and a temporary ally (disappearss when you logout of the game) which can be found by doing specific missions like the Drakel Civil War.
-You gain skills by wearing a Class Armor and completing the quests of the respective trainer.
-Non-members only can use levels 1-5 of their Class Armors out of the 10 levels. Different creatures are suceptible to one of the eight elements.
-Three different forms of attack: Melee, Ranged, and Magic where creatures have a lower defense to one of them.

__About Alteil
__Alteil Tutorial
-Realtime player-vs-player (PvP) fantasy card game.
-When you first sign up you are given the choice of four different starter packs where you select one to keep.
-You can buy around one new card per day with the in game currency.
-This is the next best thing to Duel Masters or Yu-Gi-Oh! on the internet with beautiful artwork from famous artists.
-You deck consists of 30 cards.
-Five cards of the 30 cards are chosen as Soul cards.
-The five Soul cards special Soul Skill ability activates when your opponent hitpoints goes down. The activated Soul Card is then used and is put out of the game.
-A named card is called a Character Card and only one of this card is allowed on the battlefield.
-You can have up to three of any one kind of card in your deck. You can resurrect your card with another in your deck. If your opponent lets one of their creatures perish instead of resurrecting it, your opponent will lose one life point.
-You can strike your opponent directly called an Iczer attack when your opponent has no creatures on the field.
-Every turn you get two spirit. Each turn you can increase your mana with your Spirit Points (SP) to allow you to summon creatures with the same or lower level than the amount of mana you have.

Canaan Online
-Canaan Online takes place in a fantasy universe. Its inhabitants have fled their ancient world through a magical door known as the Sacred Gate, and arrive in a new paradise land. After many years of human strife and conflict, the people wish to return to their old land, to begin anew and rebuild their civilisation.
-Players can create a character that they will play throughout the game. During character creation, the player can customise the character's appearance and name, and choose one of the four classes - Warrior, Priest, Mage or Ranger.
-Throughout the game, the player encounters monsters and can explore dungeons. Due to the casual nature of the game, the players can change their character's attack option to 'Auto' and will still be able to engage in combat without having to actively control their character. The pet feature is also a large part of combat, as monsters can be trapped and trained into pets, and pets can then be used to provide offensive and defensive benefits to the player character.
-Canaan players are also able to engage in social actions, such as forming or joining a guild, player versus player duels and combat, and marriage or divorce.
-The aim of the game is to allow players to experience an MMORPG environment without the need to download or install a game client. In China, this was generally received positively, receiving the award "Best Browser-Based MMO 2008".

Castle of Heroes
Castle of Heroes is a free fantasy browser game developed by Snail Company. It's the most popular browser game in China. Play with tens of thousands of other players online in this medieval fantasy world as you build your Castle, amass an army, forge alliances and lead your Heroes into epic adventures and slay fearful creatures that roam the land. Anyone can play Castle of Heroes! All you need is Flash installed and an internet connection. You do not have to pay to play Castle of Heroes, there is no waiting for downloads as it loads immediately, and you can even play it anywhere: from home, school or work.

Dragon Fable
__About DF
-Three character slots. Similar to Adventure Quest but with the addition of a bar with action buttons.

-Fantasy card game played against the computer or humans. After setting up a username and password, you choose one of the elements giving you a constant supply of that element during your duels, and also 40 cards where most of the cards are of the chosen element.
-You can have between 30 and 60 card in your deck. No more than 6 copies of each card (except pillars).
-There are 3 types of cards: Creatures, Spells, Permanents (equipment, quantum sources, etc). Most cards requires a certain amount of quantums to be used. There are many ways to generate quantums. Pillars will generate quantums each turn. Creatures and Spells cost quantums to summon. Permanents like pillars can be summoned freely.
-Creatures have an attack|health points displayed on the card. Each player has 100 hit points. The winner is the first to lower their opponent's life points to zero. The player that runs out of cards will lost the duel. You are able to summon one shield that provides ongoing protection of your creatures or your life points, and one a weapon which provides ongoing damage to your opponent's lifepoints.
-The 12 elements are:
Earth - Earth elementals have power over minerals, metals and terrestrial beings. Earth creatures have special skills that can be used for protection, like burrow: when burrowed, a creature deals less damage, but can not be harmed by common skills and spells. Earth elementals also take advantage of advanced shields that will reduce the damange inflicted to them.
Air - Air elementals control any gaeous substance and airborne beings. The numerous air creatures take advantage of their freedom of movement to deal extra damage at the opponent.
Fire - Fire elementals are highly destructive; they rely on skills like "fireball", or "destroy" to wipe out the enemy arsenel. Fire creatures deal higher than average damage but are often brittle.
Water - Ice, alchemy and aquatic beingsare under the control of water elementals. Some examples of water elemental skills are: "freeze", "ice bolt", and "purify", which is used to remove poisons. Water elementals have a good balance between offensive and defensive skills.
Light - Light elementals dispense blessings and befriend angelic and righteous entities. Light elementals can exalt their creatures, heal them, or deal damage to death and darkness elements.
Darkness - Darkness elementals are masters of subtleness; they can hide, absorb energies and manage the creatures that dwell in the shadows. Darkness elementals can rely on skills like "steal" or "dusk mantle".
Entropy - Entropy is randomness; it is that thing that makes a glass unfixable one shattered. Entropy elementals deal with disarray and chaotic creatures; they love to confuse their opponent and gamble with luck and probabilities.
Gravity - Gravity elementals deal with mass and size; their ability to accelerate objects makes them formidable enemies. Gravity elementals have skills like "momentum", that will make a gravity creature unstoppable and "gravity pull" that will waste the enemy attacks on a resistant or unessential creature.
Time - A time elemental have control over the order of the events, he can slow down his opponent, reverse his actions, or hasten himself.
Aether - Aether is the domain of the immobile things; it is where the stars reside and the media where all the energy waves move. Aether elementals excel in manipulating the dimensions and the electricity; most of the creatures they generate are immaterial.
Life - Life elementals rely on a wide variety of powerful and different creatures; they can heal themselves and improve their ability to summon creatures using skills like "photosynthesis".
Death - Death elementals deal with poisons and infections; they will slowly kill their opponent allies and make profit of the taken souls.

Junk: Battles
Junk: battles™ is a Free to Play fast paced realtime action-strategy game where you build a vehicle out of your collected parts, and take it online to battle opponents all around the world earning new parts, prizes, statistics and more! Set in a post apocalyptic world of ruin, you are a lone pilot looking for nothing more than mere survival... survival by means of obliterating other pilots and finding powerful parts to outfit your battle craft!

Kungfu Online
Kungfu Online is a Browser Based Martial Arts MMORPG in which players immerse themselves in the mystic legends of the ancient Chinese martial arts world. Kungfu Online provides players with the opportunity to experience the world of martial arts from the perspective of a young hero. Born into chaos; a hero is needed to save innocent villagers from the wicked bandits and evil clans of the world.

Mech Quest
__About MQ
-Single player game.
-Three character slots.
-Non-supporter accounts can only store one mech suit.
-There are three academic houses each with their own specific weapons and mechas but you can only choose to join one house and the decision is final.
-You attack using any equipped weapons.
-Each weapon uses up a certain amount of energy and allso has a cool down period before you can use it again.

My Brute
-Three battles per day. Select and fight an opponent to gain 2xp.
-You gain 1xp if you lose a battle or fight an opponent more than two levels below your character's level.
-Your character gains skills and items randomly as you level up.
-Only needs a character name to start playing, and later you may add a password to prevent other users from accessing your account.

Naruto Arena
-Game based on the Japanese animation Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.
-Realtime player-vs-Player (PvP) game where you unlock new characters by completing the Ninja Missions.
-Select three characters to form a team and each character has three skills.
-All skills require some chakra/mana to use and some have a cooldown period.
-There are five colors: Green Taijutsu, Red Bloodline, Blue Ninjitsu, White Genjutsu, and Black Any Color.
-When you first start a battle you click on the skills you want to use and click the 'Press to continue...' to select a random color (Black Chakra) to use, then click to submit your turn.
-During your turn you can also select one chakra to exchange for five other chakra.
-A ladder ranked battle is where your win-lost (+winning streak) statistics are recorded. You also gain experience to level up. When you have reached a certain level you gain a ninja rank which unlocks more ninja missions.
-A quick battle does not record your statistics or give you experience but is good for testing and doing quests as you will be paired with an opponent around your level meaning that they have not unlocked more advanced characters.
-The following Ninja Ranks can be achieved with the specified levels:
* Level 1-5: Academy Student
* Level 6-10: Genin
* Level 11-15: Chuunin
* Level 16-20: Missing-Nin
* Level 21-25: Anbu
* Level 26-30: Jounin
* Level 31-35: Sannin
* Level 36-40: Jinchuuriki
* Level 41-45: Akatsuki
* Level 46-50: Kage
* Level 46-50 + Rank #1: Hokage

Soul "Bleach" Arena
-Game based on the Japanese animation Bleach. Realtime player-vs-Player (PvP) game where you unlock new characters by completing the Shinigami Assignments. Similar to Naruto Arena.
-The following Shinigami Ranks can be achieved with the specified levels:
* Level 1-5: Substitute Shinigami
* Level 6-10: Shinigami
* Level 11-15: Ryoka
* Level 16-20: 3rd Seat
* Level 21-25: Lieutenant
* Level 26-30: Arrancar
* Level 31-35: Privaron Espada
* Level 36-40: Espada
* Level 41-45: Vizard
* Level 46-50: Captain
* Level 46-50 + Rank #1: General of Gotei 13

Neverland Online
__Neverland Forum
Neverland Online is a full fledged fantasy MMORPG that is played right on a web browser. Players start in Moon Town and must complete a series of simple quests which reward obscene amounts of experience. With gift packs doled out every 5th level and auto-navigate and bot features built in, Neverland Online is an easy game to get into. With a large game world to explore and a nice musical score, it is one of the more immersive browser MMORPGs currently available. There are currently four classes available during character creation with the male and female version offering slight variations.
Ranger - A combat oriented class. Male Rangers prefer the Dao while females use twin-swords.
Assassin - Cunning warriors who dabble with poison and have high agility. Male Assassins use chains while females use whips.
Elementalist - Offensive spellcasters with high intelligence but low defense and health. Male Elementalists use fans and females use Zithers.
Taoist - Honorable fighters with supportive skills. Male Taoists use swords while females use the Flywheel.

Urban Rivals
__About Urban Ribals
__Card Characters
__Card Abilities
-A realtime player-vs-player (PvP) fantasy poker-like card game. When you setup an account you are given the choice between three packs of cards each containing eight cards.
-Card decks consists of a minimum of eight cards. Cards can gain experience and level up. Each card is known as a character and belongs to a clan of cards. Each card has a Power, and damage attribute. Power is used to determine who wins the round. Damage is used to determine how much life point (LP) damage the card will do against the player it wins the round.
-Each clan of cards has one special clan bonus ability. Your card will activate its clan bonus if you have at least 2 different characters from the same clan on your team during a fight.
-Each player starts with 12 life points (LP). The winner is the one with the most life points at the end of the four rounds, or sooner if there is a K.O.
-Each player starts with 12 pillz. Pillz can be used every round to increase your card's Power or activate its special ability. A bonus is given if you have pillz remaining after you've inflicted a KO on your opponent.
-To sell and buy characters with other players on the market, you need to use Clintz. There are 2 ways to get Clintz: fighting and selling your characters.
-Battles consists of four cards randomly chosen from your deck, and your opponent's deck. Four rounds are then played where you and your opponent both select a card to battle with each round until all four cards have been played. To win one round your card's Power must be greater than your opponent's card's Power. If your card's Power is equal or greater to twice your opponent's card's Power your automatically win the round. If your card wins the round it gains more experience than the card that lost. If you win the battle you gain more Clitz than if you lost.

Warp Force
__About WF
-Single player game.
-Adventure Quest sequel in space.

Games Browser Flash

Save data for your flash games in Microsoft Windows XP are located in "C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\Macromedia\", within the website folder, with the file "filename.sol".

Astral Tower Defence -- Astral Tower Defense is a Pardus-themed tower defense game, in which you must try to defend your homeworld from attacking space creatures by purchasing and upgrading weapons and special equipment. Instructions and tips are available at the ATD website for those not familiar with tower defense games. To the greatest extent possible all graphics were taken directly from Pardus, and using the Pardusian Conv/Bio/EM armor and weapon properties gives Astral Tower Defense a unique twist. A few other features include lots of maps to choose from, 80 different creeps with various special abilities, a Hall of Fame in which you can record your high scores, over 50 different upgrades, and more. Additional maps and other improvements will be added as time allows.
-Hall of Fame records High scores.
-Four Weapons, one Tractor Beam, three Boosters, 12 different maps, and 80 different creeps with various special abilities.
-Weapons may be upgraded up to 10 times for increased damage, range, and rate of fire.
-Each creep has one of three different armor types: Conventional (CONV), Electro-Magnetic (EM) and Organic (BIO), each of which are more susceptible to damage from a different weapon type.
-Some creeps possess Special Abilities, visible in the lower portion of the Next Wave box. Creeps that are 'Fast' move quicker than normal creeps. Creeps that are 'Immune' cannot be slowed by the Tractor Beam.

Gem Craft - Chapter One - The Forgotten (4MB) -- Tower Defense. Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell!

Gem Craft - Chapter Zero (9MB) -- Tower Defense.

Oh! Dango! Jam -- Japanese subtitles. Random costume drops after battling opponents. Up to three costumes. Sell your unused costumes to free space for new costumes. Keys: Arrows - Move. Z - Melee. X - Magic. C - Counterattack. Spacebar - Release Stored Counterattacks.

Onslaught Tower Defense -- A tower defense game where you combine different turrets to form new weapons. The turret in the combo that fires first at the enemy is the one whose combo will be fired. After finishing a map you will be prompted to record your high score on the online leaderboard.
_Keyboard Shortcuts
_Turret Combos

RaidenX (2.95MB) -- Raiden is a japanese word which means Fighting Thunder. This is a remake of Raiden IIS. Levels are re-designed, soundtracks remixed, new weapons introduced... and more!

Sonny (10MB) -- You are a Zombie Hero. Fighting against zombies, ninjas, and an evil army of high-tech soldiers. Seeking revenge and the truth behind what has become of you. Classic final fantasy style RPG gameplay.

Sonny 2 -- By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie. To be hunted. To be hated. You fought to survive in a world that didn't make any sense. But now you're getting used to it. Your senses have sharpened. You finally begin to understand. Why be the prey...When you can be the predator? Three New Classes, Five New Zones, Improved AI!, Hundreds of New Items, Local PvP Mode, Three Difficulty Settings, Fully Voiced Storyline.

Sudoku Daily -- A Sudoku a day keeps your mind active. Fresh new sudoku puzzles everyday. Four skill levels. The first skill level helps beginners by highlighting a row or column when all the numbers are correct. The Top Time taken to solve the puzzle is recorded. Sudoku is a numbers game played on a 9x9 grid where the aim is to have every row and column contain every number from one through nine.

Games Browser Text-based

Carnage Blender
__CB Wikipedia
__CB Forum
-A player-vs-player (PvP) community game create by Jonathan Ellis, where you create a character, select an opponent from the drop down list and click "Fight"; and also becoming a part of the CB community. There are no quests and no limit to how high you can train your character. Chat, forum, and private messenging are well developed, along with the ability to auction, rent, and trade items. Players can also contribute to the CB wikipedia. Reading the forums is a good way to know what is happening in the CB community. There is a complicated blacksmith system where knowledgeble players can make money improving another player's item.
-Battle Allocations (BA) is the amount of times you can click "Fight" to battle a selected opponent. Every 20 minutes a certain number of BA from 6-10 is given based on how much experience your character has compared to the top player in the game. You start with 10BA/20mins, going down to 6BA/20mins as your character grows. It is balanced by giving more experience and money for fewer battles. You can gain up to 160 BA from the 20 minute regeneration. You can accumulate up to 1600BA by clicking the "get more BA" link and spending your Carnage Blender Dollars (CBD) on each additional BA. Rollover is at +0400 EST/EDT (Eastern Standard/Daily Time), and that is when your "get more BA" link will be refreshed.
-New User Bonus (NUB) gives you a one time only boost to your money and experiece for six months since the creation of the account, and the "get more BA" link gives you free BA until your NUB expires. Therefore when you start a new account remember to click the "get more BA" link to get your free BA.
-After the NUB period, you may create a new character with a New Character Bonus (NCB) where you gain a boost to your experience for a certain period of time. The cost of BA for NCB is extremely high.
-Joining a Clan is another way to get a bonus to experience and money. The top clan gets a 15% bonus. Characters with a "C" to the left of their character name are clan members and will give higher clan points (CP) for your clan. More CP means higher ranking and a higher bonus percentage for EXP and CBD.
Fighting clans gain points for winning battles. The more battles they win, the more "clan points" (CP) they receive. Clan points determine the clans ranking. The top 25% of fighting clans get a bonus to rewards per fight. The reward bonus for the top clan is 15%. The reward for other clans receiving the bonus is less than this number.
Only fights during the last 24 hours count towards clan points. Note that on Sunday (4 AM Sunday - 4 AM Monday server time) there are no bonuses and no clan points earned. Bonus is adjusted hourly, so even if you go crazy and rack up 3,000 clan points in an hour, the bonus for you and your clan won't increase until the start of the next hour.
Winning a fight gives up to 6 clan points, as follows.
* 2 CP for defeating a non-clan character.
* 4 CP for defeating a clan character from a clan not earning bonus.
* 6 CP for defeating a clan character from one of the clans earning bonus.
Additionally, if you are in a clan, being beaten by a member of another clan takes clan points from you, as follows.
* -2 CP if you are in a clan not earning bonus
* -4 CP if you are in a clan earning bonus
Draws and stalemates against clan members give no clan points.
Clans with a net weekly negative score of -1000 are disbanded.
* Net score: the points all members of the clan scored in the past 24h, minus all points taken away by other clans in that same 24h period.
* Score: The net score, but corrected for how powerful a clan is. If the total PR in a clan is exactly as is allowed, then score equals net score. If the clan isn't completely full, then Score is higher (but capped at about 110% of net score). If the clan is over the PR limit, then the Score is lower than the net score (no cap here).
Clan rank is determined by the score.
-Bonus or Wacky Times. There are four six-hour periods per week during which fighting rewards are different. For historical reasons, these are sometimes called "wacky times". These times are per the game time which is found under the Community link. (Also during these time periods, random non-bonus-earning clans are chosen for a 7% bonus to both exp and cash.)
Money Times: (more money is awarded and less experience)
* Saturday Midnight to 6:00 A.M. EST
* Tuesday 6:00 P.M. to Midnight EST
Experience Times: (more experience is awarded and less money)
* Saturday Noon to 6:00 P.M. EST
* Tuesday 6:00 A.M. to Noon EST
-Players are given two character slots; five for supporter accounts. Each character can hire a maximum of four minons, and have one tattoo equipped on one of the minions. Experience points are distributed evenly between your minions.
-Tattoos are a type of armor that consists of either a familiar, a rune, or a tattoo. Only one tattoo is allowed per character, and is equipped on one minion. There are two kinds of tattoos: regular tattoos, and "lesser" tagged tattoos which cost less but require more experience to grow. Regular tattoos can be bought from auctions, and "lesser" tattoos can be bought from auctions and stores. Tattoos gain their own experice points separate from your minions. Tattoos will gain levels at the same rate no matter how many minions are on your team. A tattoo will only gain experience if the tattoo is under the Max Tattoo level, which is listed on the home page above your minion roster. A tattoo's effective level for a character is capped at the character's Max Tattoo level. Thus, a character wearing A Rune of Balrog Flame (RBF) level 10,967,320 with a max tattoo level of 70 would have the same effect wearing A Rune of Balrog Flame (RBF) level 70.
-Familiars gain a separate experience from your minions making them good main characters as hiring more minions would dilute the experience each of your minions gains. If the minion wearing the tattoo does not wield Weapons or cast Direct Damage Spells (DD), then the familiar will be created behind the minion wearing the tattoo. Equipping a familiar will take up the Armor equipped minion's body armor and cloak slots.
-An Amulet of Junction (AoJ) equipped on the minion wearing the familiar tattoo will transfer the effects of any armor the minion is wearing to the familiar.
-Strategy for beginners: Read Tips for New Players, and the different types of Tattoos available, then decide on which tattoo you want to use. Begin with a "Single Fireball Minion" (SFBM) strategy where you hire only one minion, so that all your experience is trained into one character, then train its Hit Points (HP), and the Fireball (FB) spell. When you have earned enough money to buy a regular tattoo (as opposed to a "lesser" tagged tattoo) from the auction or another player, you may change the SFBM strategy to one that supports the tattoo you have bought.
-Fire Familiar (FF) strategy: Since Fireball damages everyone of your minions except the caster during melee rounds it is most often used by pairing the FF with a SFBM.
-Tattoo of Endurance (ToE) strategy: If you decide to stick with the SFBM equip a Tattoo of Endurance (ToE) to reduce damage from your opponent, and reduce any reflected fireball damage from any Antimagic Field (AMF) your opponent has trained.
-Rune of Balrog Flame (RBF) strategy: If you want a weapon that is unaffected by Antimagic Field (AMF), Ethereal Chains (EC), Evasion, and Guardian Angel (GA), equip a Rune of Balrog Flame (RBF) tattoo on your SFBM. The RBF fires once every melee round and protects against AMF backlash equal to the magic resistance making it a good compliment for the SFBM, but the ToE provides better damage reduction. If you decide to focus fully on the RBF weapon untrain your minion's Fireball (FB) spell, and train up Antimagic Field (AMF), Dexterity (DEX), Evasion, and Hit Points (HP). Evasion greater than your Dexterity is only 60% as effective. This means that you have a choice of training only Evasion to counter only enemy weapon "+" to-hit (pth) enchantment, or more Dexterity than Evasion in order to counter both enemy weapon base to-hit and DX-based chance-to-hit (cth).
-Electric Familiar (EF), Ice Familiar (IF), and Steel Familiar (SF) pet familiars strategy: One minion team: Train one minion with Antimagic Field (AMF) and Ablative Shielding (AS). Equip your familiar to this minion. Four minion team: Train two minions with Ablative Shielding (AS), train either Antimagic Field (AMF) or Dispel Magic (DM) on your third minion, and Guardian Angel (GA) on your fourth minion.
-Halidon Familiar (HF) strategy: If you want to be an archer equip a Halidon Familiar (HF), which already has an Elven LongBow (ELB) equipped. As the HF gains experience it automatically upgrades its ELB's damage modifier and Plus-to-Hit (PTH). This means you save Carnage Blender Dollars (CBD) in having to buy an ELB for your minion, and paying a blacksmith or forger to increase its damage modifier, and Plus-to-Hit (PTH) values. Train one minion with up to 25,000 Hit-Points (HP), Dispel Magic (DM), and Guardian Angel (GA). Equip a Halidon Familiar (HF) to this minion. Later you may buy an Amulet of Junction (AoJ), which links the equipment your minion is wearing to your HF. Items you may consider equipping to your Halidon Familiar (HF) minion are: An Amulet of Junction (AoJ), A Pair of Elven Boots (EB), A Pair of Beleg's Gloves (BG), A Helm of Clearsight (HoC), and A Buckler of Mandos (BoM). Refer to Ranger's Heroes character below for an example of the equipment and setup for a two minion Sling of Death (SoD) & Halidon Familar (HF) archer team. Another strategy is you may want one minion training Ethereal Chains (EC) to lower any opposing minion training Evasion, and Dexterity, so that your arrows can hit them. If your EC manages to lower their Strength (STR) to 1, your HF will get lightly damaged effectively rendering the opponent's melee and archer minions useless. Other HF team setups: (a) one minion training Ethereal Chains (EC), making your HF excel at fighting archers and warriors, but may lose to any mages as AMF is not trained, and Guardian Angel (GA) which counterattacks against the low hitpoints of your HF or, (b) three minions training AMF, AS, and EC, giving you the ability to counter both warriors and mages but with only 1/3 experience trained into EC it might not be able to lower your opponent's minion's STR to 1 or, (c) four minions training AMF, AS, EC, and EC again. With this team your EC is 50%, compared to 33% for the three minion team, plus you gain an extra minion as a meat shield. The disadvantage here is that for any stat boosting items you buy you would have to buy two for both of EC minions, instead of just one for the one or three minion teams or, (d) a team that uses Dispel Magic (DM) to get rid of your opponent's Enchanted Defense Spells, such as Ablative Shielding (AS), Giant Strength (GS), Guardian Angel (GA), Haste, Steel Skin (SS), and Vampiric Aura (VA), but DM will also lower the levels of your AMF and EC. In order to use DM together with AMF or EC, your AMF or EC level must be higher than your DM level. Only the undispelled portion of your AMF or EC will have any effect.
-Jigorokano (JKF) Familiar strategy: The Jigorokano Familiar (JKF) does relatively small damage, and will not attack in ranged combat and is therefore often used as a meat shield. The Hit Points (HP), Dexterity (DEX), and the Evasion gained from Unarmed Combat (UC) that this tattoo trains makes it great for this purpose. The main disadvantage of using a JKF instead of training one of your minions with the Unarmed Combat (UC) skill is that wearing a tattoo takes up Armor slots for body armor and Cloaks, so you cannot junction the Combat Gi (CG) body armor to the JFK, which increases Evasion gained from the UC skill from 33% to 50%. Four minion JKF team: Each of the four minions trains Hit Points (HP). One of each of the four minions trains Ethereal Chains (EC), Antimagic Field (AMF), Antimagic Field (AMF), and Vampiric Aura (VA) respectively. Refer below for Dudemus's jigster character.
-Tattoo of Augmentation strategy: This tattoo is for those that want to spend CBD buying and upgrading a weapon. This tattoo gives the minion it is equipped to more Strength (STR), and Dexterity (DEX) based on the experience the tattoo has gained.
-Non-PG language, spamming, and trolling may get you banned from the community if you do not heed the warnings given by the admin staff.
-CB admins frown on players with multiple accounts. If caught they may reset the first account and delete subsequent accounts. Reset may means they delete everything on your account. Spamming in the forums may result in the user being banned from the forums indefinately.
-Non-Supporter accounts that have not been logged in will be deleted. The longer you have played the game, the longer will be the deletion interval. If the account has been deleted the player can setup an account with a new NUB.
-To get a supporter account you can either donate $11 using your paypal account, or search the CB want-to-buy (WTB) forums for someone offering to buy supportership in exchange for CBD, or you can make a forum post about wanting someone to pay for your supportership. As a supporter you gain five instead of two character slots, and a customized fight list which is commonly used to select and store your favorite clan members (those with a "C" to the left of their character name).
-If you do not have a supporter account you can make your own clan fight list by opening up "notepad" in "Microsoft Windows", and copying and pasting your favorite clan character names to "notepad". After you have created your fight list enter CB, click the "Specify..." link, and copy and paste a character name and click "Fight". Repeat for the other character names on your list.
Carnage Blender Character Templates
-QBRanger's Heroes Character: A two minion team with a Sling of Death (SoD) fighter and a Halidon Familiar (HF). Minion-1 "Sheep": 25,000 Hit-Points (HP), Dispel Magic (DM), Guardian Angel (GA). Equipment-1: Halidon Familiar (HF), Amulet of Junction (AoJ), Boots of Fortitude (BoF), Beleg's Gloves (BG), A Helm of Clearsight (HoC), Buckler of Mandos (BoM). Minion-2 "Dog": Hit-points (HP), Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX). Equipment-2: Sling of Death (SoD), Amulet of Might (AoM), Trollskin Armor (TsA), Elven Cloak (EC), Elven Boots (EB), Beleg's Gloves (BG), A Helm of Clearsight (HoC), Buckler of Mandos (BoM).
-Dudemus's jigster Character: A four minion team supporting a Jigorokano Monk Familar. Minion-1 "aikido master: Hit Points (HP), Armor Proficiency, Decay, Ethereal Chains, Steel Skin. Minion-2 "capoeira master: Hit Points (HP), Armor Proficiency, Decay, Antimagic Field (AMF). Minion-3 "judo master": Hit Points (HP), Vampiric Aura (VA). Equipment-3: Jigorokano Familiar (JfK), Amulet of Junction (AoJ), Pair of Elven Boots (EB), Pair of Elven Gloves (EG), Helm of Ecthelion (HoE), Shield of Capacity (SoC). Minion-4 "Karate Master": Hit Points (HP), Armor Proficiency, Decay, Antimagic Field (AMF). Equipment-1+2+4: Amulet of AC (AoAC), Mithril Cuirass (MC), A Shadow Cloak (SC), A Pair of Spellboosters (SB), A Pair of Leather Gloves, Cornuthaum (Corn), A Mithril Shield (MS).

__Estiah Wikipedia
__Class Specialization
Includes Quests, Player-vs-Enemy (PvE), Player-vs-Player (PvP). Similar to a trading card game in that you can have up to five of each charm in your deck. As you level up the amount of charms you can fit in your deck increases. Once per day you can work and travel to another city. Each city has its own list of quests. Battling creatures in quests has a chance of dropping a charm. You gain Skill points everytime you use a charm. There are three tiers of occupations and you can choose a new profession when you reach L20, L30, and L40. Everything you do takes up action points. 20 action points are gain every two hours up to a maximum of 1200 points.

The Kingdom of Loathing
__About KoL
__Familiar Equipment
__KoL Wikipedia
-Gameplay involves fighting monsters, completing quests, gaining skills and stats, and accumulating items and meat (in-game currency). Players also interact with each other through player versus player competition, participate in the in-game economy by trading goods and services, organize themselves into clans, and speak to each other in many different chat channels.
-There are six character classes. You may change to a new class at Ascension when you reincarnate your character in a new game after you have freed King Ralph XI at the end of the Naughty Sorceress Quest. There are three attributes Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie. Two of each of the six classes specialize in one of the attributes. To level up your character you would need to increase the specialized attribute. Attributes also determines the types of equipment your character may wear as equipment requires a certain level in an attribute before you are able to use it.
Class -- Description
Seal Clubber -- Seal Clubbers are a muscle-based offensive class, with skills that expand their fighting style, increasing damage as well as defenses. They have access to skills which allow them to craft weapons and pulverize items into elemental components, which then can be smithed into other equipment.
Turtle Tamer -- Turtle Tamers are a muscle-based defensive class, with combat abilities that depend on and enhance their armor. They can learn to craft armor and cast a number of defensive and familiar-enhancing buffs.
Disco Bandit -- Disco Bandits are a moxie-based class with high evasion and the skills to make advanced cocktails, highly potent booze. They also have combat abilities which weaken their enemies and looting skills which increase item and meat drops. They, along with Accordion Thieves, can pickpocket enemies to steal their items, including some items that can only be obtained from pickpocketing.
Accordion Thief -- Accordion Thieves are a moxie-based class whose music can provide a wide variety of buffs to themselves as well as other players. In fact, all but one of their skills are buffs, providing a wide array of enhancements such as increased damage, improved stats, or drop rate increases. Their mortal enemies include mariachis. Like Disco Bandits, they have the ability to pickpocket enemies.
Pastamancer -- Pastamancers are a mysticality-based crafting/spellcasting class with the ability to summon and cook noodles, making some of the best foods in the game. They can also learn combat and healing spells.
Sauceror -- Saucerors are mystical spellcasters who can cook potions and sauces, ingredients of powerful noodle dishes. They can also create saucespheres, shield buffs which can damage enemies, restore health and bestow other effects. They have offensive combat spells and passive skills which increase spell damage.
-Players, after selecting a character class, begin on an adventure inside a quirky and fantastic kingdom. The kingdom is represented as a variety of hand-drawn buildings, monsters and items, and is strictly presented in black and white colour. The art design of the game is very simple, and provides minimal depiction of the kingdom itself. This game asks players to focus on their attributes and the turn-based battles rather than environmental qualities.
-The final goal the player faces is defeating the "Naughty Sorceress". The kingdom's ruler, King Ralph XI, has been captured by this sorceress, and the player must free him by confronting her. Along the way, any items can be found and collected. Also, "familiars" can be used - these are companions that battle and adventure along with you. There are many kinds of companions, and they can also be equipped and statistically improved.
-The "Council of Loathing" is the intermediate power in the kingdom, and they provide the player with various quests and goals. Many of these are of a trivial nature, and are part of the games unusual flavour. Many task require you to perform a chore of assist another character in a strange or eccentric event, or to retrieve a bizarre item from a designated place. Like traditional role-playing titles, new areas are open to the player as they gain experience and "level-up".
-This game also allows adventurers to battle one another, as an aside to the main quest of the game. This means that various items and "meat" (the currency of the game) can be won or lost, and this is another method of gaining experience for your character. Peer-to-peer item trading and chatting is also supported and encourage in the Kingdom of Loathing.
-In KoL's turn-based gameplay, a player is supplied with a number of adventures each day which accumulates up to 200 adventures. The game day resets at a time called "rollover", which starts at 9:30 PM MST, 10:30 PM EST (11:30 PM EDT). Additional adventures can be acquired by consuming food, booze, and spleen-damaging items; and equipping items that give extra adventures before rollover.
-PvP: Player versus player (PvP) combat is voluntary, and only those who have broken their "Magical Mystical Hippy Stone", at their Campground link, can attack or be attacked by other players. Players can repair their stone, removing themselves from the PvP community. A PvP battle is unlike combat against monsters and features a series of stat comparisons and a randomized selection of non-interactive minigames. These tests, which range from a "Work Ethic Contest" to "Wine Tasting" or even "Balanced Diet," compare sometimes obscure statistics of the two competitors. The winner of the PvP battle can take rank, stats, or sometimes even meat and items from the loser. However, there is no direct form of PvP, and the winner of the minigames is purely based on the characters' stats and chance.
-The Account link allows you to change your name, and see the time until rollover, when all your adventures, hitpoints, mojo points (MP), and status are reset.
-Familiars are creatures that accompany you on your journeys through the Kingdom. They have various effects on gameplay, mostly related to combat. To use them, you must first purchase a Familiar-Gro Terrarium from the Market in Seaside Town. The Terrarium can store one of each type of familiar, but you can only travel with one familiar at a time. Familiars gain experience as you fight monsters. As they go up in level, they become more effective at doing whatever it is that they do. To change which familiar you're currently using, or to rename your familiars, either click on the familiar's picture in your character pane, or go to your campsite and click on the terrarium. Your familiar can carry one piece of equipment at a time, and will keep this even when placed back in its terrarium. Most familiar equipment are usable only by a specific familiar, but a few pieces of equipment can be equipped by almost all familiars (the exception being the Comma Chameleon).
-There are five elements: Hot, Spooky, Cold, Sleaze, and Stench.
* Hot deals double damage against spooky and cold.
* Spooky deals double damage against cold and sleaze.
* Cold deals double damage against sleaze and stench.
* Sleaze deals double damage against stench and hot.
* Stench deals double damage against hot and spooky.